Sarah Neill Photography
portland, oregon | @sarah_in_pdx

sarah neill

Sarah Neill: Professional Photographer, Portland, Oregon | runner, artist, writer, music lover, seeker, wanderess, project manager, general badass.

In my photography, my specialties are places and things. I try to capture the vibe or atmosphere of whatever moment I'm in. Mindfulness is a defining factor in my life, and I enjoy bringing that to my photographs. I focus on nature and urban photography, and I have a penchant for sunrises and sunsets. I also enjoy creating extreme macro photos. Most of all, in whatever way possible, I love to show off the beautiful city I am fortunate to find myself in, Portland, Oregon.

I am constantly looking for the next great photo, the next great experience, or the next great idea. I love to philosophize and thoroughly enjoy a late night with good wine, good friends, good music, and good, deep conversation. Fortunately, Portland offers many occasions to do so.


On the professional side, I 'moonlight' as an information technology project manager. I've amassed several degrees and professional certifications, as well as more than 10 years in the field. My projects have included business acquisitions, marketing, software implementations, and large-scale internal overhauls. I've been fortunate to work with and for some incredible companies and look forward to more of it. Still, my typical answer to "what do you do?" is "I'm an IT project manager. But what I really do is photography."

I also love running, which allows me to enjoy important solitary moments, some of which make it into my photos. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, and tennis. I have recently discovered a passion for painting, and I aggressively pursue my personal evolution - my daily meditation practice and a desire for peace and simplicity define my life.