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Fox & Bones on PDX Spotlight

Yesterday, an all-new episode of PDX Spotlight aired. It features up-and-coming Portland folk duo Fox and Bones, featuring the substantial talents of Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore, with host and co-producer Luke Neill. I was invited to produce the still photography for this episode, and I feel very grateful to the show (and it's executive producer, creator, and mastermind Mike Burling) for the opportunity.

The setting was the locally-dubbed Gnome Forest in Southwest Portland. It was such a treat to load the crew, the artists, and a massive amount of gear into the forest to film such a cool event. Check out the galleries below, and learn more about PDX Spotlight and it's wonderful contribution to the Portland music scene.

Performance Shots

Crew and Behind-the-Scenes Shots

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Learn more about PDX Spotlight

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