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Sunrise at the Pittock Mansion (& Burnside Tunnel!) | May 2015

Shoot Date: May 29, 2015

Early one morning last weekend, I drove up to the Pittock Mansion, a striking historical monument in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon. I took photos of the sunrise over Portland (a site I recommend to all), and then on the way home I found myself driving into the Burnside Tunnel (4999 W Burnside Road). Somehow, the universe conspired to create this moment for me, as there is usually very heavy traffic in this area, even on weekends. As I approached the tunnel, I found myself staring into a gorgeous orange arc, so naturally I had to capture the moment! 

I'm a history buff as well (I particularly love World War II history), so seeing this stunning sight and realizing that this very tunnel was built at the same time the war was in full swing is incredible to me. I love finding pieces of history in my modern life and trying to imagine what was happening in the lives of those involved. What a treat!

Pittock Mansion

Burnside Tunnel